Uganda Community Library Association Visit

Hi, Greetings from Amka Foundation Africa!

On  23/January/2019, we received a team of Administrators and Librarians from Uganda Community Libraries Association, an umbrella body of all Community Libraries in Uganda, which Amka Foundation is a proud member of.

We hope to see better Communities by promoting Literacy and instilling the culture of reading in both the young and the old.

We are humbled that from the goodness of our friends and partners, our small Library is growing.

The reading resources are increasing slowly by slowly.

The recent social media book challenge is a clear indication that more and more people are embracing the culture of reading.

Be part of the promotion and growth of the reading culture in Uganda by sharing books or any other literature to the Amka Foundation Community Library.

Together, we can do better.

Contact us on: +256-783-178-704

Thank you.

Amka Foundation.



Team Leader, Geofrey Mugisha

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