Trainee Profile: 2  Our President

“ In 2012 I got a scholarship after I emerged the best UCE student in Sironko district. Everyone was happy for me but I was sad when I realized most of my classmates had failed and they were going to repeat senior four. I think success is best enjoyed when your friends are winning too. That way, it’s fun. 
In 2017, i graduated in comprehensive nursing. Getting employed was tough but soon, i got a job at a clinic. There was a lot of competition at work, something i was prepared for. However, i was overworked. Instead of the agreed 8 hours, i was doing 10 or 12 hours a day and wasn’t paid at the end of the month. Another challenge was renewing my practicing license at the local council. It required bribing and also you had to be from a certain favored families to speed up the process practicing license process. All these problems eventually made me quit. I’m now learning fashion design and tailoring at Amka Foundation, and also the newly elected President of Trainees at Amka.

After learning, i hope to take the skills to my village and empower the girls there.”
(Amka Foundation, Namungoona-Kasubi, Kampala)

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