Trainee Profile: 1 Fashion Design Class Governor

“After graduating I got a job as a teller at a bank. When I had my fourth child I was forced to extend my maternity leave because the baby was very sickly. So when I went back to work I had been replaced without my notice. My side hair salon business eventually closed because my former job literally financed it. That’s when it hit me that I was officially jobless. I got a job somewhere else but it required me to wake up very early and retire home late which I found very inconveniencing for my family especially my new born, so I had to quit. That’s how I became a stay at home wife surviving on my husband’s salary which wasn’t enough. Being unemployed is hard especially if you were working before. I’d wake up just to sit around without doing anything productive. It was extremely disturbing. I’d reflect on the times when I still had a job and feel really sad and hopeless. My former schoolmates were laughing and made jokes of me. Life becomes very complicated when you don’t have money on you yet you have a family with huge responsibilities. I’m currently taking free a course in fashion designing and tailoring at Amka Foundation, as well as the newly elected Fashion Designing Class Governor.
I hope to start my own boutique as soon as I’m done with this training. God willing, I’ll be able to sustain and support my family again.”
(Amka Foundation. Namungoona- Kasubi,Kampala)

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