We take this time to report that our Community Literacy program started with a huge success registered last Saturday. 14 children between ages 6 and 9 made it to our head offices.

The children were mainly from Kasubi-Namugoona, Kasubi Parish in Rubaga Division.

We read together. The children read a loud as others listened. The confidence grew even stronger, showing signs of a brighter future.

Out of the 14, 6 were girls.

It was a great engagement, coupled with experiences.

Our observation (from last Saturday) is that girls are way better in terms of reading compared to boys.

However, by the end of the engagement, the boys, through their female friends had picked up really well.

This was encouraging and should explain why we are here.

We pledge total commitment to this drive that we believe will be shifting venues across the entire Division (Rubaga).

As of this week, be on the lock-out for where we are to be.


With all the above said, we realized that our copies per book are few. This means that children have to keenly listen to the reader as opposed to (in other cases) following from copies availed. We have however taken note of this gap and management has taken a step towards addressing the challenge.


Do you think there is need to improve in this area? Give a suggestion and kindly state reason/(s) for proposal.

Otherwise, we appreciate your continued support.

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