Joint Community Clean-Up, Outreach

Last Saturday, the Foundation together with our partner, Mengo Youth Development Link participated in a community clean-up in Nansana West Zone II, Nansana in Wakiso District.

We were joined by Nansana Municipality Mayor, local leaders and members of the community. After the clean-up, some members of the community, women and children inclusive were able to benefit from donations in terms of clothes. In line of community clean-up, you may recall that we started with Kasubi Parish and pledged to scale this concept out to the rest of the parishes in the division. Whereas Nansana is out of area of operation, MYDEL, our partner, has its school, Mcquilton Academy there.

That should explain why we gladly joined in. That said, we are still committed to promoting and practicing hygiene in our areas of operation. This is in-line with our interest as spelt out in the Health and Safety Sector, one of the six priority sectors we are currently operating in. Be on the look-out. We could be in your area soon. We are grateful for your continued support.

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