Hope Hub Visit

Greetings to you friends,

On February,  7/2019, we hosted a friend and Founder of Hope Hub, Ms. Aisha Ali.

We surely had a great time together, learning from one of the most passionate and hardworking women in the field of community service.

“Passion is the mother of development”, Aisha said.

“Use that passion to improve people’s lives. Use that passion to inspire others. Use that passion to grow. Without a passion for what you do, you’ll lose direction”, she added.

She urged us to always look back at why we started this dream in the first place and let it be our driving factor.

“Be not diverted from your core values. Not by anything. Stick to your core values and be guided by them. Go out there and be the best you can be. Even if it means losing sleep over it, do that. Work over time. It will pay off in the long run. The fruits of your sacrifices will be shown on the faces of the people whose lives you will have impacted. A smile is enough. A “thank you” is enough. We don’t really need much. We need the inner satisfaction that we are doing the right thing for someone else”, she concluded.

As a Team, we are grateful and inspired by such selfless individuals like Aisha.

This year, we hope to reach more lives. We hope to impact more lives.

We have faith that in us lies the power to change this Nation.

– At length, we discussed a range of issues on how best our communities can benefit from our services, the challenges that we face and how to overcome them.

– She got time to talk with our learners at The Amka Summit and emphasized the need for them to take their time of learning seriously as means of improving their livelihoods.

We thank you Aisha Ali.

We thank you Don Muzaphal Kimbugwe.


Transforming Communities, for a Better Life.


Team Leader, Geofrey Mugisha

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