Christmas With Street Children

Hi Family, we did it. Again!

It was a very special day for us. One of the best moments of our lives.

How special it feels to share love with children!

All we asked for this Christmas was HAPPINESS. Plenty of happiness.

We gave and received Plenty of hugs, shared plenty of food, plenty of drinks and plenty love.

This special day, we shared love with street and slum children, whom we hosted to heavy meals, soft drinks, and lots of good music.

It was fun.

It was beautiful.

We thank you all who made this a great day in these children’s lives.

Special thanks to each and everyone who did everything that you could to bring smiles to these people’s faces today.

You lit their hearts!

You made it happen, three times bigger than last year!

Than you Good people.

Amka Foundation Africa,

Transforming Communities, For a Better Life.






Team Leader, Geofrey Mugisha.

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