Book Aid International Assesses Amka Library


On Saturday 7/April/2018, we hosted Samantha from Book Aid International, an international organization that promotes reading and supports local libraries in Africa.

Book Aid strives to help grow book centers in Africa especially in vulnerable communities. As an organization,

we believe that […]

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Inter School Educational Workshop


Yesterday 8/March/2018 was a great day in the life of Amka Foundation as an organization.

We successfully held our First Free of Charge Inter- Schools Educational workshop.

Under the prevailing conditions, Educational workshops and other educational services are paid for highly.
Though […]

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Today We Received Special Friends, In A Move To Boost Talent Development.


Today 26/February/2018, we are delighted to receive two distinguished friends at our offices in Namungoona-Kasubi, Rubaga Division, Kampala.

Known to many as King Bbaawa, Wasswa Bbaawa is a professional Boxer on the National Boxing Team (playing in the teens under 20 […]

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A View Of AMKA Foundation’s Areas Of Operation For 2018


Written By Mr. Geofrey Mugisha, Team Lead AMKA Foundation Africa.

First and foremost, The Amka Foundation Team wishes to thank all stakeholders for your support towards this cause. Thank you for pushing us forward. Thank you for showing […]

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AMKA Foundation Community Library Setup


The AMKA Foundation Africa community library is in set up stages and we are very pleased to announce that it is slowly but surely taking shape.

While aiming to inculcate a reading culture within the communities of Namungoona, Kasubi and Lubya, […]

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