Amka Trainee Profile 3: I NEVER SAW MY DAD

“My mother died when I was about three years old and I never got to see my dad I don’t even know what he looked like. My brother and I were raised by our maternal aunty whom we call our ‘mother’ she has fed, dressed and educated us like her own. I’m grateful for what she has done for us. Because of the financial issues, I’ve only been able to study up to senior four. I’m happy because not many orphans get this opportunity. I remember one of our teachers who was a practicing lawyer tell us about the cases he had won and the various clients he represented in court. I admired him. He was a good role model that inspired many of us to want to become lawyers.
So, instead of just sitting at home pitying myself, I chose to come to Amka Foundation and take free classes in fashion designing and tailoring to help me get some skills that will enable me earn a living.
I hope to use the money to continue with my education that will push me towards becoming a lawyer—I’m trying to focus on what’s really important in my life and ignore the distractions.”

#AmkaFoundation, Transforming Communities for a better life.

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