Amka Receives 2000 Books From Book Aid

Greetings to you Friends!

We are very excited to inform you that today 11/March/2019, we received a Children’s Books donation of 2,000 books!

Yes, two thousand children books from Book Aid International.

This donation is intended to ensuring that Children living in slums get access to reading and literacy materials.

With programs that cater for all age groups, we hope to boost our Library outreach programs, especially to schools within slums of Kasubi,Lubya and the neighboring parishes within Rubaga Division.

These programs are designed to instill a reading culture and the love of books to Children who have little or no access to books.
We have designed evolving creative approaches that make reading more lively, fun and appealing to everyone, especially the Children.

As the only Community Library serving the Community of Rubaga Division, there is still a huge need for reading resources.

We are in a shortage of locally produced books and continue to make a public appeal to Ugandan writers, publishers and well-wishers to donate books to the cause, so that we promote the reading of locally produced literature.

” We weren’t privileged enough to have Libraries where we could read, play and learn together- we have to take Libraries to the Ghetto. Where, together, we can share, laugh and learn”.

Photos below were taken as the Amka Foundation team was receiving the Books from BOOK AID INTERNATIONAL and UgCLA co-ordinator, Emmanuel Anguyo.

For more info, visit,
or contact us on: +256 783 178 704.


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