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AMKA AFRICA FOUNDATION is a reputable charity organization registered with the mandate to carryout activities that improve the livelihoods of vulnerable groups and communities like orphans, refugees, street children, pregnant mothers, youths and the elderly.

Committee Members 

Our Objectives 

  • To provide a safe environment for interaction among people of different age groups and sender through social, educational, medical and recreational activities.
  • To engage individual professionals to empower the community through their expertise.
  • To promote personal social and vocational skills training.
  • Sensitization of the community on communicable and no-communicable disease and other health concerns.
  • To organize suitable seminars and workshops to equip the community members with significant knowledge on different issues concerning them. E.g. workshops on financial literacy. HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, human rights, environmental conservation, good health, sanitation and hygiene, social-economic issues and sexual gender based domestic violence

Our Core Values 

Respect, Discipline, Professionalism, Confidentiality, Integrity, Unity, Transparency, Innovation and Creativity, Accountability, Excellence
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