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Activity Report for CBO registration 

Country Uganda
Division Lubaga Division
Name of Organisation Amka Foundation
Location / Address Amka Summit Community Skills Development Centre Kasubi-Namungoona (Along Munaku- National Housing Road)
Contacts 0783178704/ 0705222354 / 0772169285 / 0758907234
Email address: [email protected]
Website: www.amkafoundation.org



AMKA FOUNDATION is a Youth Founded and Youth led initiative established to carryout activities that improve the livelihoods of communities for sustainable development and advancement. Our focus is empowering communities through various programs and activities for social transformation for a better life in accordance with the UN 2016 Sustainable Development goals.

The name of the Organization “Amka” is derived from the Swahili word “AMKA” which in the English translation means to “AWAKEN” or to “RISE UP”.

Amka Foundation comprises of a team of committed youth who stir its activities and possess compassion and understanding that is imperative to care for people alongside other like-minded organizations. We therefore work in partnership with local authorities, Civil Society Organizations, Youth Leaders, Community members and well-wishers in realizing our mission.

We strive to uplift and transform Communities through various free services, programs and activities, motivated by the belief that every person deserves to live a quality life.

Our Vision:   

We want to be the most reliable organization in addressing social- economic concerns of communities for social- economic transformation and sustainable development.


Our Mission:

  • To empower communities with suitable services in addressing social- economic concerns for community transformation and development.

We are committed and passionate about working together to make a positive difference in communities by creating a friendly and comfortable environment for a better life in various communities drawing inspiration and guidance from the 2016 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Core Values:

  • We are driven by and committed to the Core values as listed below, that keep us in line with our objectives;

Transparency               Discipline        Professionalism           Innovation       Integrity

Partnership      Volunteerism               Commitment        Sustainability,        Inclusion   and

Equal Opportunity


Our Objectives:

  1. To promote Vocational skills and talents that enhance self sustainability in the community
  2. To network and engage with the community in a bid to curb social vices like prostitution, drug abuse, violence, to mention a few
  3. To equip community members with significant knowledge on environmental conservation, financial literacy, human rights, HIV/AIDS through suitable programs.
  4. To sensitize the community on communicable and non- communicable diseases and other health concerns.
  5. To provide a safe community of interaction among people of different age groups and backgrounds through social recreational & educational activities and initiatives.


Our Sectors

We have identified the following causes and sectors as tools in our strategic plan for meeting our objectives and the UN 2016 SDGs:

In Operations, we work in the focus areas below:

  1. Health and Safety
  2.  Climate Change and Environmental Protection
  3. Gender and Special Needs
  4. Education and Economic Empowerment
  5. Agriculture, food security and nutrition
  6. Social Advocacy and Human rights

Administratively, we operate through the following management committees:

  1. The Executive Committee; that handles Strategic Planning and Management; Human Resource and Finance
  2. The Project Management Committee; that  deals with operations, Project Development and Fundraising, Communications; Media and Public Relations
  3. The Project Procurement Committee which aids in Human Resource and finance, project management and public relations, and any other assigned duties.
  4. Operational Sector Committees that plan and coordinate activities in our focus areas.

We believe that working in partnership, all communities irrespective of abilities, can access equivalent services and opportunities for the advancement of everyone’s life hereby empowering vulnerable communities for sustainable advancement.

It is here that we call upon and welcome partners, volunteers and well-wishers to collaborate with us and join the cause to achieve our set objectives.

Our Activities:   

  1. We support informal educational initiatives in communities and in schools, tertiary institutions, vocational schools but not limited to these to eradicate illiteracy in all forms among members and the communities. These include but are not limited to outreaches for mindset and behavior change activities, literacy skills classes, life skills empowerment and training, and many more.

We engage in activities that contribute to behavioral change and equip communities with relevant knowledge on socio-economic issues like financial literacy, human rights, good health practices, proper sanitation and good hygiene and gender based domestic violence. Recently on the 10th of January 2018, we held a capacity building workshop for Amka Members, and the general community with Local Partners like Mengo Youth Development Link, Gegatec Investments Limited and Willapps , where we taught about how to start an sustain an Organisation, the importance of professionalism in organizational strengthening and the importance of social media.

  1. We impart innovative business skills among the low and middle income working class with the aim of improving their sources of livelihoods, incomes and expanding their business knowledge. We do this through consultative meetings and social media blogging.
  2. We support and work with vulnerable groups like orphans, refugees, youth, street and slum children, pregnant mothers and teenagers, persons with disabilities/ special needs, and most importantly women and girls. This support is in form of donated relief that may include; food, clothes and domestic relief items, medical care, mentorship and awareness programs, business entrepreneurship training, and as the need may rise. We spent Christmas of 2017 with Street and slum children of Rubaga Division and engaged them in basic literacy activities, storytelling, games and music and dancing.
  3. In close relation to the above, we work with youth and children to promote and nature, develop and promote skills and talents in arts, sports and drama among others because we believe they are the future and innovation starts with them.
  4. We engage in activities that contribute to behavioral change in the community so as to reduce the spread of HIVAIDS, and other diseases that increase the risk of contracting HIV AIDS and fight drug abuse and prostitution and other social vices. We partner with organizations working with all age groups and genders to achieve this initiative. We plan to hold health days, health camps and other health initiatives.
  5. We extend skills development in the community especially to youth to eradicate poverty through imparting life skills like liquid and bar soap making, tailoring, catering, hair dressing, marketing, urban farming, briquettes making among others. We promote job creators that job seeking.
  6. We engage in programs and activities that promote climate change and environmental protection for sustainable development. We are passionate about conservation of our environment through techniques that foster solutions for clean, sustainable and renewable energy.
  7. We believe in ending hunger and poverty in all its forms to achieve food security and improved nutrition and as a result are in the process of setting up a demonstration farm to promote urban farming techniques while promoting sustainable agriculture.
  8. We offer referrals in various situations to members of the community and promote equal opportunity, human rights and access to services. We carry out a number of and advocacy programs to ensure inclusive and sustainable economic growth, education, life-long learning, and promote health and well- being for all people for a better life.


We are blessed with a well skilled, dedicated and committed team of members and volunteers that help us make all our work possible. We also have office space that accommodates a range of activities.

We also work and have been supported by a number of partners that still continue to support our activities that include:

  • Amka Foundation Africa                               Roy Kems Industries (Rose Foam Mattresses)
  • Save the African Children                             Gegatec Investments
  • Shine Your Light Ministries                          Balimweezo Foundation
  • Nilea Africa                                                   Rubaga Division Offices
  • Genesis Records                                            Mengo Youth Development Link
  • Willapps Limited                                           Uganda Community Libraries Association
  • Ice love Company Various High Schools and Primary Schools.
  • Humans of Uganda             Pan African Pyramid


Previous Major Success Activities/ Projects

  1. Agri- Educational Solutions Program for Poverty Eradication ( 2016):

Capacity building and training of unemployed youth and elderly persons for empowerment in the fight against poverty and for improved livelihoods and increase of household income. Over 120 households participated in the program and some are currently running cottage factories and training other youth to engage in poverty eradication initiatives for improved living standards.

  1. Christmas with Street and Slum Kids (2017):

Amka Foundation members spent the 25th of December 2017 with street and slum children from Rubaga division where they had a number of rehabilitation exercises that included giving them Christmas gifts, sharing all the meals for the day, drawing, shading and coloring, storytelling, sports and games, and motivational sessions about how they can protect themselves from danger and from harmful practices among others.

  1. Orientation capacity building workshop on Organizational Strengthening (2018):

Amka foundation in partnership with Mengo Youth Development Link (MYDEL), Gegatec Investments Limited and Willapps Limited carried out a capacity building workshop under the theme; “Organizational growth and sustainability” held for its members and invited other interested parties, volunteers, partners and well-wishers. The theme involved topis like how to start, grow and sustain an organization, professionalizing work and the importance of online presence and image.

  1. Early Childhood Development exercise for children from homes living below the poverty line (2018):

Amka Foundation in partnership with MYDEL and Girl Child Network Uganda (GCN) carried out an exercise to sensitize youth during a career- guidance program for holiday makers targeting boys and girls within the ages of 11-17years. The theme was “Engaging men and Boys in Prevention of Sexual Violence”. Amka foundation interacted with children between the ages of 2 and 11 through various Early Childhood Development activities which included storytelling, joint reading, acting, singing and dancing, drawing, shading and coloring among others.

Lessons taken away from the exercise included the realization that it is upon us to teach young children what roles they can play in community protection and transformation as we groom them into responsible citizenship. It is indeed their right and our obligation.

  1. Team building Exercise

Amka foundation has carried out 2 team building exercises to strengthen and empower its members in provision of services to the community and add onto their skills for personal development and more efficiency.

  1. Setting up of Community Library and Talent Development Centre

Amka Foundation has already started on the process of providing a safe community of interaction among people of different age groups and backgrounds for social recreational & educational activities and initiatives by setting up the Amka Community Library and Talent Development Centre which is already active and we have started enrolling members for the library, music school and other sports, drama and recreational activities.

Upcoming projects/ Events:

  • Celebration of International Women’s Day
  • Official Opening of Amka Foundation Headquarters
  • Launching of Amka Community Library and Talent development Centre
  • Community awareness and sensitization programs on Amka activities and other concerns
  • Tour to Kyanja Demonstration farm for Urban Farming techniques
  • Health days, health camps and blood donation drives, health and fitness clubs
  • Community and School outreach programs
  • Launch of Vocational and Life skills empowerment training programs.
  • Community cleaning and environmental protection and conservation programs


We therefore call upon all local authorities and members of our community and Rubaga Division to stand with us in achieving our mission and creating the change we want to see for a better life.

We welcome any kind of support offered to us in kind, cash, equipment, service or other.

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